Steelcraft Tool Cut-off Blades


The Industry Leader in High-Performance, High-Speed Steel Cut-off Blades for the Tube & Pipe Industry.


80 Years of Proudly Serving the Tube and Pipe Industry

We’ve been manufacturing the highest quality cut-off blades for the tube and pipe industry for 80 years. You don’t stay in business that long by compromising the standards of quality that were the foundation of the business. You shouldn’t compromise your production lines and profit either.


We won’t compromise our standards. You shouldn’t either.

High-speed steel for increased blade life, strength, and flatness.

Only Steelcraft Tool Company exclusively uses M-2 high-speed steel to ensure you get the highest quality, flattest, best performing cut-off blades in the industry.

Blade coatings to increase lubricity.

Steelcraft Tool Company has always been the first to introduce advancements in blade manufacturing by using premium steel and innovative coatings to add longevity to the lifetime of your cut-off blades.

We stock a full range of standard and special cut-off blades.

Or send us blueprints or a sample of your custom blade and we’ll manufacture them to your specifications.

Need a replacement cut-off blade in a hurry?

We continually stock replacement tube cut-off knives for machines manufactured by:

Alpha  |  Beta  |  Eagle  |  Haven  |   Vogel

Go with the industry leader who is first in innovation, quality, and service.

  • We use only the highest quality, high-speed steel in our blades for optimum performance and flatness. A wide variety of special coatings such as Titanium Nitride, TICN, and more are available to increase lubricity and increase production levels.
  • We offer quick, 24-hour turnaround on every quotation. This means you’ll be able to schedule your project setup and budgets immediately and avoid costly delays.
  • Many standard, in-stock blades are available for immediate shipment.
  • Fast turnaround on special, made-to-order cut-off blades.
  • On-site blade resharpening and re-coating to restore your knives to top working condition.

Proudly Designed, Engineered, and Made in the USA.

Distributed to Worldwide Tube and Pipe Industries.

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